Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) Services

Kairos Learning specializes in providing a variety of services to individuals, teams and organizations using the Myers Briggs Types Indicator® (MBTI). MBTI assessment, based on Jung's theory of psychological type, is the best-known and most trusted personality assessment tool available today. The assessment can be used as a tool for personal growth, understanding self and others, enhancing communications, and better collaboration with colleagues and team members.

kairos Team Building
The MBTI assessment is used as a catalyst for team members to begin a conversation about the similarities and differences in their styles. It is the foundation on which the members begin to understand one another in different ways and learn about their team and individual types. When participants understand their type preferences, they can approach their own work in a manner that best suits their style, including how they manage their time, problem solving, decision making, project management, sales, and stress. Knowledge of type can also help employees deal with workplace culture, development of new skills, understanding of their participation on teams, and coping with change in the workplace.
  • Kairos Learning works with intact or cross functional teams, departments and organizations to look at issues around change, communication, conflict, project management, job satisfaction, team dynamics, stress, and leadership. We design and deliver customized workshops or team building sessions for onsite meetings, conferences, and off-site retreats.
  • Typical workshop length is 3 to 4 hours and provides: an overview of the MBTI, discussion of individual reports and types, analysis of the team’s type, and a few experiential exercises to demonstrate how type plays out in the team or organization.
  • With a 6 to 8 hour workshop, there is more time to review participant’s reports, focus on specific team issues (i.e. change, stress, leadership) and explore type temperaments.
  • Participants take the assessment online prior to the workshop.
  • Fees depend on length of the program + number of participants + type of interpretative report and MBTI booklets selected.
kairos Leadership Coaching
Kairos Learning works with executives and high potential managers using the MBTI as the tool for personal insights into their work style, communication style, and approach to leadership. We also explore how to adapt their management style based on their team members’ types for greater productivity and success.
  • Coaching services can be provided in-person, by phone or by webinar.
  • We can use the MBTI Step II for deeper exploration of the individual’s type if desired.
kairos Career Counseling
The MBTI is a standard self-assessment tool for individual career counseling. The MBTI can help individuals identify preferred career fields and work environments based on their type’s strengths and personal style in the workplace.
  • In a 60 or 90-minute appointment, the Kairos Learning career counselor will interpret the assessment results with the client and explore next steps for self-assessment or career exploration.
  • The MBTI Type Profile Report + Introduction to Careers booklet or the MBTI & Strong Interest Inventory Career Report are the two most popular reports requested.
  • Career counseling sessions can be provided in-person, by phone or by webinar.
  • Clients take the assessment online prior to the session.
  • Fees depend on length of the appointment + type of interpretative report(s) and/or MBTI booklets selected.
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