Team Building Services

Organizational Development

At Kairos Learning, one size does not fit all. We tailor and customize our Team Building Services in collaboration with our clients to apply the right processes, tools, and services to achieve the desired results. Some for our organizational development services can be also delivered using webinar technology to deliver cost-effective services from a distance or to a distributed group of learners.

kairos For Intact Teams
  • Kairos Learning designs and facilitates customized team building sessions and off-site retreats with proven results. The focus of the session(s) will depend on the desired outcomes. We work with teams on change issues (merging teams or new leadership), team dynamics (conflicts, communication skills, project management) and team development.
  • Specialized techniques we employ include:
kairos Strategic Planning & Vision Development
kairos Change Management
  • Change management strategizing, communications planning, and training.
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