Webinar Solutions

Kairos Learning specializes in providing a variety of services, all delivered virtually, using webinar technology. We bring our expertise in online and classroom training and best practices from the industry to bear in all our services. Since the services are provided virtually, they’re more cost effective and convenient for the participants.

kairos download What's a Webinar?
 Webinar,webseminar, webcast, synchronous training, virtual class – what’s it all mean?
kairos Why Webinars
What are the benefits of live, online training versus instructor led training or on demand training?
Do you need help making the leap into the virtual classroom? Designing a webinar course? Facilitating in a live, online training environment? Using webinar tools for learner engagement? Kairos Learning offers courses on webinar design and facilitation to learn how to excel in this teaching/learning format.
kairos Coaching and Consulting
Have you been doing webinar training or presentations but would like to take it to the next level?
kairos Instructional Design for Online Learning
Are you moving to virtual course delivery, but need assistance in converting your existing classroom content into a webinar format? Kairos Learning has the expertise and methodology to transition content into engaging, interactive live, online classes.
kairos Webinar Demos
Want to see examples for webinars optimizing live, online technology? Watch short samples of Kairos Learning webinars to see how effective a virtual course can be.